Wild Rivers Expeditions has been the goto outfitter on the San Juan River since 1957.  When the company teamed up with Four Corners Adventures offering land expeditions throughout Cedar Mesa, Butler Wash, North Wash and Bears Ears, it proved to be the perfect combination.  Our team of passionate stewards strive to share their love and knowledge of wilderness experiences in some of the most epic landscapes on earth with guests from around the world both on land and by river. In order to streamline and focus our mission, Four Corners Adventures and Wild Rivers Expeditions has merged to form the single brand of “Wild Expeditions” clarifying our core purpose of wilderness journeys in rivers, ruins, and canyons.


As technology advances and populations grow, the untamed world is shrinking and wild places are disappearing.  Our remote corner of Southern Utah remains pristine wilderness offering solitude and relief from the day to day stresses of modern civilization.  We invite all to Escape to Bluff, Utah and enjoy a float on the San Juan, hike in the back country, or a rappel into the sandstone carved slot canyons of White Canyon and North Wash.  Explore an outdoor museum of rock art and ancient cliff dwellings of the ancestral puebloan culture.


Our mission is to Enjoy, Educate, Preserve and Protect.  We strive diligently to provide a wilderness experience suitable for all ages.  We seek out and primarily employ local guides who are passionate for the land, history and sharing these special places with you.  We are blessed to enjoy our public lands and want to see that they remain wild so that future generations can also enjoy the priceless benefits  that only rivers and canyons can provide.


We couldn’t do what we love without each of you and hope to continue serving your needs in the four corners region and beyond.


Other Exciting news forthcoming...

1)  We are partnering with the new resort called “Bluff Dwellings Resort and Spa” opening January 2019 which has a focus on experiencing the natural ancestral history of our region.  2) To help ensure present and future generations will enjoy these special places, we continue to contribute 5% of all tour sales to preservation, service projects and youth groups and will be ramping these efforts up in seasons to come.


Wild Expeditions

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Bluff, Utah 84512


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