Dallin Tait / General Manager

Dallin has led Wild Expeditions since 2012 and enjoys nothing more than exploring the canyons of Bears Ears National Monument.  He’s guided professionally for over 15 years including skiing, rafting, canyoneering, 4×4’s and backpacking.  Married to Cassidy, who also guided with Wild Expeditions before starting a family.  Now with 5 young kids at home and a small farm there is never a dull moment, but you’ll find them living life to the fullest.  Favorite outdoor activities include hard enduro dirt biking, split-boarding, climbing and trail running.

Bucketlist Trip: Heli-skiing in British Columbia.  I’ve been once and I’m addicted.

Favorite part of Guiding: Creating new experiences, meeting new people and helping them safely step outside their comfort zone.

Fun fact about Dallin:  We ran Grand Gulch top to bottom 52 miles in a single day and enjoyed it.

Brock Brimhall / Operations Manager

Brock Brimhall is our Operations Manager. He joined WILD in 2023 and is in charge of making sure your trip with us is fun and goes off without a hitch. With an MBA and almost 20 years of experience guiding the slot canyons of Utah, we’re excited for him to bring his knowledge and skills to WILD Expeditions. In his free time you’ll probably find him in some deep, remote canyon or out trail running with his dog Rooster.

Bucketlist Trip: Canyoneering in Australia’s Blue Mountains.

Favorite part of Guiding: Not having to spend life behind a desk, watching it pass by.

Fun Fact about Brock: He has traveled to 19 different countries.

Ashlyn Davis

This is my fourth year guiding, and I look forward to the summer every year! I was born and raised in Southern Utah, and the deserts out here are my favorite places in the world. I love being out of cell service and getting to know the canyons around me.

Bucketlist trip: Kayaking the Inside Passage in Canada and Alaska.
Favorite Part of Guiding: Watching people overcome their fears.
Fun fact about Ashlyn: I am really good at Mancala.

Eli Lansing

Bucketlist Trip: Fishing in Alaska. 

Favorite part of Guiding: Next to meeting new people everyday, the land has to be my favorite part of guiding. 

Fun fact about Eli: I like to hike and fish.

Elle Haws

Hey guys! Elle here, buzzing with excitement as I kick off my third year guiding with WILD Expeditions. Blanding, Utah, isn’t just my hometown; it’s been my enchanted playground where I’ve explored its breathtaking backcountry and soaked in the sheer magic of Bears Ears. My sidekick in adventure is my bor-doodle Murphy. We are always out hiking and sprinkling good vibes while we trek through the desert and let’s be real, it’s always better when you have your furry friend by your side. My connection to San Juan County runs deep, igniting my passion for uncovering its vibrant history – from the Ancestral Pueblo Peoples to the trailblazing spirits of the Hole N The Rock Expedition; it’s a treasure trove of incredible stories and adventures.

Bucketlist Trip: Go explore Australia’s backcountry; to find some cool rocks.

Favorite Part of Guiding: Making memories with our guests, helping them conquer their fears and sharing my knowledge of San Juan County.

Fun Fact about Elle: I’m a descendant of Jens Nielson – he’s my great, great, great grandpa, which means I’m practically related to half of the county.

Ian Lameman

Ya’a’teeh everybody! I am from Red Mesa, AZ/UT on the Navajo Nation which I am also an enrolled member of. I’ve been a river guide for 3 years and also did some tour driving in Monument Valley prior to working here. I grew up in the 4 corners region mainly farming & ranching before I became a guide.

Bucketlist Trip: I dream of going to Japan and Mexico one day.
Favorite part of Guiding: My favorite part about being a guide is being able to share the cultural history of the land in an outdoor setting.
Fun Fact about Ian: I love music of many kinds but prefer Rock N Roll, Country, Regional Mexican, and Hip-hop most of the time.

Jenson Bayles

My name is Jenson, I was raised in Ohio but a year ago I fell in love with the desert and packed up my car and moved to Utah. Archaeology is my passion and I love being able to share the ancient history and rugged beauty of this place with others.

Bucketlist Trip: Mine would have to be working on a small sailboat sailing across the Atlantic Ocean.
Favorite part of Guiding: My favorite part of guiding is being able to help other people experience this amazing place that completely changed my life.
Fun fact about Jenson: I love to cook and make mean butternut squash risotto.

Jonas Bryan

Bucketlist Trip: I would love to go on a climbing trip to Yosemite and climb Half Dome or El Capitan. That would be so sick.

Favorite part of Guiding: I think my favorite part will probably be the experience being there and taking people out to experience it. Showing people the area and the history of it. 

Fun Fact about Jonas: I love climbing, backpacking, skiing and doing just about anything outdoors.

Kari Stoddard

Meet Kari! This is her first year with us. Previously a nurse, we are excited to have her as a guide here at WILD expeditions. As a guide she is stoked to share with you the history of the San Juan river and the intricacies of the areas flora, fauna, and geology that called her to the desert years ago. When Kari is not rowing it on the river, you can find her painting and chasing lizards.

Bucketlist Trip: To river raft on all 7 continents (well maybe not Antarctica). 

Favorite part of Guiding: Sharing great adventures with amazing people from all over the world.

Fun Fact about Kari: She’s worked as a surgical nurse at the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City.


Kayleb Carr

This will be Kayleb’s third season with Wild Expeditions. He enjoys being outside, riding his motorcycle, being in the sun and spending time with his daughters. In the off season Kayleb works for Picture it Palmer, doing broadcasts and working on film and commercials.

Bucketlist Trip: I would love to travel to the United Kingdom and visit all the beautiful sites.

Favorite part of Guiding: Spending time with the guests, getting to cook and share such a wonderful experience.

Fun Fact about Kayleb: I have a degree in Mortuary Science.

Lane Palmer

Bucketlist Trip: One of my bucket list trips is to embark on a journey to visit all 50 states and their capitals. Currently, I’m engaged in a friendly competition with my little brother to achieve this goal. The stakes are high, as the loser will fund a trip for both of us to Washington DC, the capital of the United States. It’s a thrilling adventure that combines my love for travel, exploration and a bit of sibling rivalry.

Favorite part of Guiding: The joy of being outdoors and sharing that love with others. I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life, exchanging stories, and imparting my knowledge about the local area and history. I find this deeply rewarding. It’s the blend of adventure, connection, and the chance to showcase the place I call home. 

Fun Fact about Lane: He owns and runs his own video production business. This venture is a stepping stone toward my dream of making movies while embracing the lifestyle of living in a small town in Utah. It’s my way of blending my passion for storytelling with my love of god, family and the adventures I find in the great outdoors.

Levi Nells

Levi is a Dine native from Cortez, Colorado and the SouthWest region, but finds himself on adventures all over the world. Whether it’s high altitude climbing in South America, scuba diving off the Galapagos Islands, or Ice climbing on glaciers in Alaska, he is ready for the next big adventure! With plenty of hobbies like playing guitar, starting a non-profit climbing gym, and playing Dungeons and Dragons, the time passed alongside Levi will always become cherished memories saturated in laughter and joy. 

Bucketlist Trip: One of my most recent bucket list trips is to visit Vietnam in the name of eating the best possible street food known to man and to rock climb limestone island cliffs on the coast while diving for seafood dinner.

Favorite part of Guiding: One of my favorite parts of guiding is seeing the face of triumphant clients who realize they can do so much more than they think they are capable of, ingraining a sense of confidence and belief that they too have what it takes.

Fun Fact about Levi: I grew up doing 4-H and raising farm animals for 13 years!

Maidee DeLorme

Bucketlist Trip: I would love to visit Machu Picchu.

Favorite Part of Guiding: My favorite part of river guiding is being submerged in nature for days at a time and being able to share that experience with others.

Fun Fact about Maidee: My birthday is on Valentine’s Day

Marley Haws

I was raised in San Juan county and have been lucky enough to guide for WILD on the San Juan River for over 7 years. For me, nothing will ever replace experiencing the spirit of the land, the sacred archeology, waking up to cool mornings riverside and floating down stream while making a new friend.

Bucketlist Trip: Grand Canyon River Trip

Favorite part of guiding: Sharing experiences with others

Fun fact about Marley: I have a hard time with olives

Sierra Klemme

Hi my name is Sierra Klemme (she/her) I am from Page, Arizona and this will be my second year guiding for Wild Expeditions. I love being outside whether it is an extreme adventure or just a walk around the block.

Bucketlist Trip: To go to Patagonia and see the gigantic mountain ranges.

Favorite part of Guiding: My favorite part of guiding is getting to share the beauty and adventure of river rafting. It also allows me to show the importance of conservation to be able to enjoy and have these outdoor spaces for generations to come.

Fun Fact about Sierra: To release the 2023 year and welcome in the New Year of 2024 I got to watch 23 baby turtles be released into the ocean.

Wes Hawkins

Wes grew up in Monticello, riding mules and scrambling all over the sandstone of Bears Ears with his family. He has deep roots to the area with one side of his ancestors being part of the original settlers in the “Hole in the Rock” expedition and the other side being on the very first Grand Canyon River Expedition of 1869. I’ve always felt a deep connection to the sandy, sage covered desert valley’s in this sacred area with my fondness only growing every day I am lucky enough to spend in the area.

Bucketlist Trip Exploring the rest of the Colorado river, thru the Grand Canyon. I look forward to exploring all of the rivers in the West. 

Favorite part of Guiding Guiding guests into completely unplugging and watching the everyday worries melt away in the sun until I meet their ‘river personality’.

Fun Fact about Wes Wes was named after his Great Great Grandpa William Wesley Hawkins aka ‘Billy Hawkins’. A Mountain Man, Guide, and Cook accompanying Major John Wesley Powell on the first expedition through the Grand Canyon in 1869. Guiding is in his blood!

Allison Phillippy

Hey guys! I’ve been guiding all sorts of trips all around the USA since 2016 and think it’s absolutely the best job in the entire world! I’m super excited to be getting more involved with running rivers- specifically guiding multi day! I’m from Salt Lake City and grew up running around the desert with my family- I’m so excited to share it with you all.

Bucketlist Trip: To summit the Grand Teton!

Favorite Part of Guiding: I consider it a great honor and privilege to share memorable experiences with people that they get to look back on for years to come!

Fun Fact about Allison: I went to college in Canada!

Raquel Thomas

Ya’a’teeh, I am Racquel Thomas from Monument Valley, AZ, a member of the Dine’ tribe who was born and raised on the Navajo Nation. I am currently going on my third guiding season for Wild Expedition this year. I love being a guide, I’ve been a tour guide for 14 years all together, due to Monument Valley being a tourist attraction.

Bucketlist Trip: A place I’ve dreamed of visiting is the Japanese cherry blossom garden in Japan and to walk the Great Wall of China.

Favorite Part of Guiding: My favorite part of guiding is having an outdoor job and educating others about the land and cultures within the area.

Fun Fact about Raquel: A fun fact about me is, I love to make jewelry and tend to my animals.