Moki Dugway, Muley Point, Road Canyon,

Citadel Ruin and Fallen Roof Ruins


~6-7 Hours.  Departs at 9 am.

Meeting Place

Wild Expeditions - Bluff, Utah


$149/adult and $99/15&under

(10% discount for groups of 6+)

Citadel Anasazi Ruin Hike




The best of Cedar Mesa in one full day. You will hike to two pristine Anasazi ruin sites for a total of ~6 miles hiking. First, we will hike to the Citadel Ruin and following the Citadel we will take another hike to Fallen Roof Ruin. These are easy to moderate trails with some steep hills going down to Fallen Roof. Route finding can be difficult, but with our guide, you are in good hands. You also get to drive up and down the Moki Dugway and we’ll make a detour to Muley Point which overlooks the Goosenecks, Monument Valley and more. It’s like sitting on the edge of the world.


Bears Ears Citadel and Muley Point Full Day




Meet at 8:45 at Wild Expeditions in Bluff, Utah to fill water bottles, meet your guide and ask any questions about the day. After an overview of the day we’ll load up and we’re on the road. This scenic drive takes us through Comb Ridge over the lime ridge anticline down past Valley of the Gods and up the Moki Dugway. The Moki Dugway ascends 1000 feet up a switchbacking road cut into the face of the cliffs to the top of Cedar Mesa. The views offered here of the valley below is unbeatable. Since your not driving you can fully enjoy these sights while your guide focuses on the road.


Once on Cedar Mesa a short drive and we are off on a dirt road. 4x4 is often necessary dependent on recent storms. It has been a 1-hour drive since leaving Bluff and we are at our trailhead to the Citadel. This easy hike takes us along a dry wash to the rim of the canyon. We’ll then descend a hidden path onto a giant land bridge surrounded with dropoffs on every side. The Citadel sits out at the end of the land bridge on its own rock island. There are some exposed edges we must walk by but nearly all physical abilities can do this hike and your guide will lend a hand when needed. As we approach the stone fortress across this bridge we’ll pass over eroding defensive walls and the views are spectacular. Once across the bridge a short climb and we are sitting at a large dwelling site. We’ll take time to explore the ruin, take photos and learn about the Anasazi Culture from your guide. After viewing the ruins we’ll step away from the ruins and pull out our boxed lunches provided by us. We’ll enjoy lunch with a view, and afterward, it's back the way we came to our vehicle.


Once we reach our vehicle we’ll load up and head back the way we came pulling off on a two-track side road. Here we will do another hike to the Fallen Roof Ruin. This is a very photogenic ruin and it is in pristine condition. The hike descends a steep trail down a side canyon and once in the bottom, it is just a short walk before we climb the opposite side of the canyon to the ruin. This hike is shorter than the first hike though some may find it more strenuous because of the elevation gain/loss. Doing both hikes is a total of ~6 miles total. After taking photos and exploring the area we head back up the way we came to our vehicle. A short ride on dirt roads and we are back on the highway heading back to Bluff. We’ll take one more detour to Muley Point before finishing our day. This is the edge of Cedar Mesa and one could spend an entire day with the panoramic views of the valley 1000 feet below. From this point, you can see the Goosenecks, Monument Valley, Comb Ridge, Lime Ridge and more. You can literally see forever and pictures will never do this place justice.


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