North Wash - Leprechaun Canyon


8 Hours

Meeting Place

Wild Expeditions - Bluff, Utah

(Optional meet-up in Blanding, Utah if needed)


$189/adult & $149/15 & under

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Leprechaun Canyon is an excellent intermediate canyon or first-time canyon for those that are up for a challenge. This canyon brings people from around the world to North Wash and is one of the best canyons in the area. Multiple rappels up to 50 feet long, down-climbing, squeezing through tight narrow sandstone canyons. Several of the scenes from the movie 127 Hours, featuring James Franco as Aaron Ralston, was filmed in Leprechaun Canyon. The canyon generally holds little water so no swimming is usually required making it a great year-round canyon. Total hiking distance is approximately 4.5 miles.






Meet at the Wild Expeditions shop in Bluff, Utah at 8 am. We'll match everyone with the gear they need and load up the van. Leprechaun Canyon is located in the North Wash region which is about a 1.5-hour drive along the scenic highway 95. Once reaching the trailhead we'll load up our packs and begin the 2-mile approach to the top of the canyon. We'll take our time and you don't want to forget a camera since the hike up is very scenic. Once reaching the top of Leprechaun we'll take a break then harness up for the descent you'll remember the rest of your life.


The canyon begins with a 50-foot rappel directly into the canyon. We'll then spend the next few hours down-climbing with help from each other and potentially some down-climb depending on the skill level of the group. The canyon opens and closes several times throughout this section and can be very tight. There are several potholes which may or may not have knee-deep water in them that could require us to wade through. Once passing through these potholes we will reach another rappel about 30 feet tall dropping us out of the right fork into the main fork of Leprechaun. Here we'll take another rest while those who desire can explore a very narrow section back up the main fork. After exploring up the main fork we will head down the main fork through more beautiful narrows and back to the van for a cold treat before we head home.

Meeting Place

Wild Expeditions

2625 South Highway 191

Bluff, Utah 84512


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