Hotel Rock Trail, Cedar Mesa and Comb Ridge


9 am - 4 pm

Meeting Place

Visitor Center - Blanding, Utah

(Optional meet-up in Blanding, Utah if needed)


$179/adult and $139/15 & younger

Comb Ridge RZR overlook



This trail is not for the faint-hearted. One of the toughest 4x4 trails in the region with steep slick-rock climbs, ledges, and drops. The scenery is second to none and trail ends at the Hotel Rock Anasazi Ruins. Hotel Rock Ruins are dwellings likely used by hunters who climbed out of the canyons to get food for their families. Ruins and beautiful scenery with a shot of adrenaline. We do not allow our rentals on this trail without a guide.






Meet at the Four Corners Adventures shop in Buff, Utah at 8:45 am. Your guide will brief you on the day, answer questions and go over some safety items. 9 am we load up the Jeeps and head out of town. 30 minutes on the scenic Highway 95 and we are at the trailhead for Hotel Rock. We’ll shift into 4-low and we’re crawling up loose rock and ledges gaining ~300ft. to the rim of Arch Canyon. Looking down on the Arch Canyon 4x4 trail and beaver ponds will have you ready to book another day to do this trail.


From here you may wonder where the trail went as the rock is only marked by small cairns (stacks of rocks). It is not uncommon for Jeeps to get off the trail, but you’re in good hands. We’ll climb off camber ledges and hopefully keep at least 3 wheels on the ground at all times. Our first named obstacle is the rock hugger. A narrow ledge must be passed with a wall on one side and a ravine on the opposite side. An easy obstacle, but frightening position. You are probably wondering at this point if we are close the top of the mesa as we are still climbing we’ll come to another beautiful overlook of another section of Arch Canyon.


Meeting Place


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