Learn to Rappel, down-climb and stem through Calf Canyon


 3-4 hours.  Departures at 9 am and 1 pm.

Meeting Place

Wild Expeditions - Bluff, Utah


$79/adults and $59/15 & under




Learn to rappel, down climb and stem through the beautiful Calf Canyon located just 5 minutes drive from our Bluff Adventure Center. Approximately 2 miles of hiking and a 50ft. rappel make this the perfect intro to Canyoneering and is great for all ages. It’s a beautiful canyon and you’ll want to sign up for a full day trip after this one. You will get wet and we recommend long shorts or lightweight pants. The deepest pool of water is approximately 4’ deep.






Meet at Wild Expeditions in Bluff 15 minutes before your departure to fill water bottles, meet your guides and get fitted in harnesses. Once we are all harnessed up we’ll jump in a van and just 5 minutes we are at the top of our canyon. A short hiking over the sandstone and we are at our rappel. Our expert guides will set up the ropes and give everyone a demonstration of how to rappel. This is the perfect rappel for first-timers and we take pride in helping those scared of heights feel comfortable and safe. We’ll walk you through every step and before you know it you’re in the narrow slot canyon.


Once the entire group is down in the canyon we’ll pull the ropes and start our hike down the slot. Canyoneering is a team effort and we’ll learn to down-climb, stem and assist each other through the canyon. Our first down-climb comes right away into a cool pool of water only ~3ft. deep. The canyon always holds water because the sun rarely touches these pools in the canyon. We’ll then stem some more and drop into the 2nd pool of water. Most children find stemming natural, but this can be strenuous for larger adults. After more stemming, down-climbing and squeezing we reach the final pool of water. This is the deepest pool which is about 4’ deep. If you are a hobbit and can’t swim don’t worry ... one step across and it’s only 2’ deep. From here we’ll use a rope as a hand line or your guide will lower you out of the pool down 10ft to the canyon floor. From here it’s a nice walkabout of the canyon. It’s about 1.5 miles hike out of the canyon back to our shop. It is a very scenic hike and once back to the shop we can spray off muddy boots, hang up our gear and call it a day. This trip pairs very well with an afternoon half-day paddleboarding on the San Juan River or our River House Archaeology Safair.

Meeting Place

Wild Expeditions

2625 South Highway 191

Bluff, Utah 84512


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