The Black Hole


6-8 Hours. Departure 8:00 am

Meeting Place

Wild Expeditions - Bluff, Utah

(Optional meet-up in Blanding, Utah if needed)


$189/adults and $149/15 & under

Black Hole Canyon Water




Arguably the best canyon in the region though not for the faint-hearted. This canyon is strenuous and requires long swims in cold water. The canyon is over 600' deep in places and the sculpted walls are beautiful. Sunlight doesn't touch the bottom of the canyon in many places which is where it gets its name. If you are up for the adventure we promise a day you'll never forget.





Meet at the Wild Expeditions shop in Bluff, Utah at 8:15 am. We’ll fill up water bottles, size up wetsuits and helmets and meet your guide. Then we load the van and we’re off for the Black Hole. Drive is 1 hour long through beautiful cliffs and canyons to White Canyon which holds the Black Hole. Once we’re at the trailhead we immediately start our descent into the 600’ deep canyon. This canyon does not require any rappels though we will have a rope on hand for some tricky down climbs.


After about 2 miles of hiking in the canyon under long jams and scrambling over and under boulders we find ourselves at the Black Hole. With most groups we sit here to enjoy lunch in the last sunlight we’ll see for the next couple hours. After lunch, we’ll all put on our wetsuits and helmets to get ready to drop into the Black Hole. Some people may need a rope, but a 10’ downclimb puts you right in the water in a dark cavern with sandstone walls climbing over your head and out of site. The next couple hours will feel like minutes and we enjoy the depths of the Black Hole. After hiking, wading and swimming through endless pools of water we’ll reach the sunlight again and shed our wetsuits. After shedding the wetsuits we begin our hike up and out of the canyon for a cold drink while one of your guides retrieves the vehicle for the group.


Meeting Place

Wild Expeditions

2625 South Highway 191

Bluff, Utah 84512


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