Join us for an amazing hike in Bears Ears National Monument. Bears Ears is becoming known for its world-class rock art, cliff dwellings, and pristine canyons. Once home to the Anasazi tribes that cultured the land and survived for hundreds of years before mysteriously disappearing leaving behind pottery, arrowheads and hundreds of homes built in the cliffs of Cedar Mesa. Bears Ears is a huge area and even with good directions, many places can be difficult to find. Take a trip with a guide to get to know the area before venturing out on your own. We know you’ll see much more and appreciate the area more with one of our professional guides to show you the way. If you choose to hike on your own remember to visit the sites respectfully. Take only pictures and leave no trace. If there is a specific ruin or site you are interested in seeing but is not listed on our website give us a call to set up a custom trip. These trips are great year round with Spring and Fall being the ideal time for hiking.

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