Bears Ears National Monument - Grand Gulch


4 days, 3 nights. ~35 miles (~9 miles per day)


April 14-17, September 21-24

Meeting Place

Wild Expeditions - Bluff, Utah


$939/adult and $899/15 & younger

Grand Gulch Anasazi Ruin Picture

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Dates vary based on permit availability.




For those that have hiked Kane to Bullet, this section offers a more remote and wild feeling in the canyon. Here lie unique archaeological sites that are rarely seen due to the difficulty and remoteness of the area. Recommended time of year is late March to early May or September-October.





Day 1:

Meet at Wild Expeditions in Bluff, Utah at 8 am. After introductions with your guides, they’ll go over gear to ensure that everyone has what they need. You are welcome to use your own gear or we can supplement any gear you need, just let us know ahead of time. We’ll then load up the van and head to the Kane Gulch Ranger station about 45 minutes drive. Here we’ll check in and watch a short video about Grand Gulch and etiquette for the duration of our trip.


Bullet Canyon descends steeply into Grand Gulch offering magnificent views of the canyon. Several miles down canyon we are spoiled with Perfect Kiva as our first cliff dwelling we’ll visit. Another stop shortly after at Jail House ruin and we’re nearing the main canyon of Grand Gulch. We’ll camp near this junction as soon as we’re ready and enjoy dinner as the sunsets.


Day 2:

We’ll wake up in the clean crisp air to the smells of hot coffee and breakfast. Our first destination of the day will be Green Canyon and the Green House. Perched high on a ledge this is one of our favorites in all of Grand Gulch. We could explore Green canyon all day, but we’ll soon trek onwards to camp near the Big Man panel. Depending on the speed of the group we will spend sunset visiting the panel or sunrise the next morning.


Day 3:

Those wishing for just a 3-day trip there is an exit here at the Government trailhead. On this expedition though we’ll push past deeper into Grand Gulch as the canyon walls continue to grow taller. The overall beauty of the canyon here is some of the best you’ll see in all of Grand Gulch and we often don’t see another person here. We may spend time with our packs off exploring Deer canyon or continue straight on camping somewhere near Bannister ruin.


Day 4:

Our final day in the canyon is bittersweet. Our bodies may be ready for a rest and a hot shower, but it is always hard to leave such an unworldly place. Collins Spring trail is not far off and one more optional hike is available to those that wish to see the Narrows. Collins spring is an old cow trail that was once used by cattle ranchers to bring cattle in and out of Grand Gulch. We’ll check out some cool old cowboy camps along the trail and admire some of their artifacts. Before you know it we’ll be back in the van and on our way home.



Itineraries subject to change based on group interest and fitness levels. The itinerary is possible to do in reverse if needed due to permit availability. Custom trips available for fit groups that wish to go a faster/slower pace or explore more.

What’s Included:

-Expert Guides

-Backpacks, stoves, water purifiers, sleeping bags, tents, pads.

-3 Breakfasts, 4 Lunches and 3 Dinners

-Trail snacks



Meeting Place


Wild Expeditions

2625 South Highway 191

Bluff, Utah 84512


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