Comb Ridge, Historic Pioneer Trail, River House Ruin


3-4 Hours.

Meeting Place

Wild Expeditions - Bluff, Utah


$109/adult and $79/15 & Under





Ride in our H1 Hummer through Comb Ridge and down a rough washed out streambed along the historic Hole in the Rock Trail to San Juan Hill and River House ruin. San Juan Hill was the road built by pioneers in 1880 to get over the top of Comb Ridge. We’ll then venture further along the river to River House Ruin. This is a 2-story Anasazi cliff dwelling full of rock art and a kiva. This is the perfect family trip with exciting 4x4 hill climbs and ledges ending at a pristine ruin where we will teach you about the people that once lived here.





Meet at Wild Expeditions in Bluff, Utah 15 minutes before your departure time. You can fill up your bottles, use our bathroom and meet your guides. After a quick overview of the trip, we’ll load the Hummer and we are off. About 5 minutes out of Bluff we pass through Comb Ridge and we’ll pull down into Comb Wash. We are now at the final section of the Hole in the Rock trail and you’ll be grateful for 42” tires and soft seats. The trail goes in and out of the streambed which is usually dry and after storms can be impassable to most 4x4 vehicles, but not our Hummer! We’ll drive thru sand, off steep drop-offs and crawl up rocky hills towards the San Juan River. Once we’ve reached the bottom of comb ridge the trail climbs up around the base of Comb Ridge to San Juan Hill.


San Juan Hill was the final obstacle the pioneers needed to build a road over to reach Bluff where they settled in 1880. The road was so steep that several of the animals died in the yolks of the wagons at the top of the hill. We’ll take a short hike up a section of the trail and then we’ll drive further along the river to River House ruin. For those who wish to hike to the top of San Juan Hill, we can extend your tour and add lunch.


River House Ruin is a 2-story cliff dwelling that was built around 900 A.D. Here we will see rock art, pottery shards, corn cobs and other artifacts left by the people that once lived here. Everyone will have a chance to walk up close to the ruins and get a personal look into each of the rooms. After exploring the site we will load back into the Hummer and head back to Bluff.

Meeting Place

Wild Expeditions

2625 South Highway 191

Bluff, Utah 84512


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